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Bisk alias Naohiro Fujikawa se taisait depuis longtemps. sans aucune explication. Son dernier opus « Moonstruck Parade » sorti sur le prestigieux label Sub Rosa datait de 2000. Voici enfin « Memorabilia », la réponse d’un hermite face aux impétueux gamins du Dubstep. Ca valait le coup d’attendre !

En pleine implosion de l’électronique et ses dérivés « cocoonesque », Bisk créait de toutes pièces une mixture dont seul les autodidactes peuvent être capables. Naohiro Fujikawa avouait d’ailleurs son statut de non-musicien. Amateur de jazz, de hip hop, doté de cette habilité à recycler, coller et faire danser avec des éléments hybrides, Bisk a produit trois albums cultes; « Time » en 1996, « Ticklish Matters » en 1998 et « Moonstruck Parade » en 2000. A l’époque les amateurs de cette musique techno qui s’écoute dans son salon trouvent des similitudes avec Atom Heart (Uwe Schmidt). Il développe également un son high tech néanmoins quelque peu éloigné de l’aridité d’artiste comme Autechre.

12 ans plus tard, Naohiro Fujikawa confesse qu’il souhaitait revenir plus tôt mais il était désabusé par les clichés de l’IDM et la facilité avec laquelle un geek pouvait réaliser des compositions bizarres.
Les événements tragiques survenus au Japon, l’ont démuni jusqu’à ce sursaut inattendu; Un nouvel album guilleret, funky, truffé de trouvailles sonores. Il y a ici et là des samples pitchés de MC transformés malgré eux en Mickey Mouse. On y trouve des basses charnues, une expertise manifeste dans la construction, de la syncope à rendre jaloux les producteurs de ghettotech, UK Grime, crunk ou même skweee. Chaque morceau convoque une inventivité rare et une approche humoristique, des traits de caractère vraiment saugrenus dans le milieu du clubbing actuel. Donc hautement recommandé !

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Bisk alias Naohiro Fujikawa was silent for a long time. without any explanation. His latest album “Moonstruck Parade” was released on the prestigious label Sub Rosa dated 2000. Here, finally, “Memorabilia”, the response of a hermit meet the impetuous kids Dubstep. It was worth the wait!

In full implosion of electronics and its derivatives “cocoonesque” Bisk created from scratch with only a mixture may be able to self-taught. Naohiro Fujikawa also admitted his status as a non-musician. Amateur jazz, hip hop, has this ability to recycle and paste dancing with hybrid cells, Bisk has produced three albums cults, “Time” in 1996, “Ticklish Matters” in 1998 and “Moonstruck Parade” in 2000 . At the time, this techno music fans who listen to his show are similarities with Atom Heart (Uwe Schmidt). It is also developing a high tech sound nevertheless somewhat removed from the aridity of artist like Autechre.

12 years later, Naohiro Fujikawa confesses that he wanted to come earlier but he was disillusioned by the clichés of IDM and the ease with which one could make geek strange compositions.
The tragic events in Japan, were helpless until unexpected outburst, a new album perky, funky, full of sound findings. There are here and there pitched MC samples processed despite them Mickey Mouse. There are low fleshy, a demonstrated expertise in construction, syncope to make him jealous producers ghettotech, UK Grime, crunk or even skweee. Each piece convene a rare and inventive approach humorous traits really absurd in the middle of the current clubbing. Therefore highly recommended!

clubberia (JAPAN)

90年代後半から2000年にかけて、ベルギーの名門レーベルSubRosaから4枚のソロアルバムをリリースし、AtomHeartやSeefeelとのスプリット作品やAutecheやFunkstrangらとともにコンピレーション作品に参加、またBill Laswellのリミックスなど様々な活動を繰り広げていた日本人プロデューサーBISKが、2000年の4thアルバム「Moonstruck Parade」以降、12年ぶり通算5枚目のフルアルバムが完成させた。

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Various activities, such as a remix of Bill Laswell during 2000 since the late 1990s, released a solo album of four from Label SubRosa prestigious Belgium, also participated in the work compilation with them Funkstrang and Auteche works and split with Seefeel and AtomHeart 4th album since “Moonstruck Parade” in 2000, a Japanese producer has been engaged in a BISK is the first full-length album for the first time in 12 years a total of five was completed.

Feeling of layers of complex beats and sounds like a combination dubstep and electronica, but comes in at first impression, such as texture covered with thin glass, the sound was delicate and airy feel is through one. Please try to ask us feel warm and mellow vocals with a black R & B, feel the whiff of raw one step back, a sense of balance also unique. (JAPAN)

2012 年夏にドイツの”shhhh records”よりリリースされたBISK のアルバム『MEMORABILIA』。本作は日本のレーベル”Novel Sounds”より国内盤として再リリースされたもの。
これまでにベルギーの名門レーベル”Sub Rosa”よりアルバムをリリースしているBISKだが、今作の仕上がりもかなりの独自性と完成度を誇っており、テクノからアブストラクトヒップホップ、ブレイクビーツ、ジャズ、R&Bなどあらゆるエッセンスを貪欲に取り込んでいる。それらの要素を、独自のフィルターを通して表現された音世界は圧巻の一言。

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Album of BISK was released from “shhhh records” of Germany in the summer of 2012 ” MEMORABILIA ” . This film which was re-released as a domestic record label than “Novel Sounds” of Japan .

But BISK has released albums from prestigious label “Sub Rosa” of Belgium , boasts completeness and uniqueness of considerable finish of this work so far , abstract hip-hop , break beats , jazz , R & B from techno I have taken greedily all the essence , such as . Sound world that is expressed through the filter of their own , and those elements of the word masterpiece .

Instrumental sound that is processing if Kanadere the melody good feeling , and entanglement beats rough was cut up like snuggling , it is sublime genre of BISK similar, not with any other artists . As word of the person called , ” if Moraere enjoy listening through the album ” , and began to listen , but the end , can not be away from the front of the speaker anymore!