Tokyo-based musician.
I specialize in producing highly musical songs that combine beat programming using DAW/Hardware with my own keyboard/piano playing.
I have been influenced by nineties techno, house, neo-soul/R&B, jazz and contemporary music throughout my long career, creating a multidimensional and multi-layered world view.

In the late nineties, I published a series of works and remixes based on sampling on the Belgian experimental music label Sub Rosa, earning recognition mainly in Europe and the United States.
After a hiatus in the ’00s, I resumed my activities in 2011 and released three works that developed my musicality based on the traditional approach of IDM.
“Memorabilia” (2012), “Twisted” (2015), and “Ever Changing States” (2016).
These pieces have been called cross-genre hybrid music, integrating elements of R&B and bass.

In 2021, I finally released my first new album in about five years, “Vacation Package”.
And it’s on the Ominira label, hosted by Gunnar Wendel (aka Kassem Mosse), who is a unique figure in the experimental house scene, so it’s a combination that is both unexpected and somehow relatable.

This album is characterized by its complex and unique rhythmic construction that goes beyond the traditional techno/house and hip-hop influences and approaches more indigenous beats such as footwork/juke and tribal.
While my career has inevitably been marked by 90’s-style atmospherics, my use of harmonies and tones is layered with a strong influence of new generation jazz.
I am proud to say that the physicality and arrangements are all in one to create a unique Bisk world that breaks through the outer shell of beat music.


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