Strange or Funny-HaHa ? (1997)

Strange or Funny-HaHa ? (1997)

Second of 4 records published by Sub Rosa
from 1996 to 2000.


Sean Cooper

Bisk’s second full-length album for Sub Rosa is both strange and funny-haha; strange in its almost unprecedented fusion of vagued-out electronica (electro, experimental hip-hop, left-field drum’n’bass) with everything from manic bop and Zorn-esque post-free-jazz to avant-gardist loop’n’splice tape massacre and digital sound collage. And funny-haha? Well, for much the same reason. Fujikawa’s extreme methods of genre-obliterating abstraction are so warped and smeared that sometimes the only possible response is to shake your head and laugh. However, like its predecessor, Time, Strange lurks in shadows, its restless buzz approximating the paranoid fidget of a schizophrenic slap-fighting a radio dial. An amazing, exciting, wonderfully esoteric glimpse at one of electronic music’s many possible futures.


subtle ethnocentric pieces surrounded by bizarre tweakings which develope into a miasma of crazy beats and minimal electro-funk with a generous serving of experimental damage.

Autechre/u-ziq/Aphex Twin/ David Shea/Luke Slater style meets the Brothers Quay in a microdot theme park.

mutant-jazz breakbeats for swingers of the 21st century.

a new breed of jungle suitable for techno heads.

sub-aquatic if the planet Venus had water.

indonesian shadow puppets, a modernized Butoh dance company and a Raymond Chandler thriller rolled into one time capsule.