What’s New about “Vacation Package”


2021/10/24 update :
Some of the responses to Vacation Package.
I’ve been getting a lot of feedback on Twitter as well.

Pitchfork Review by Philip Sherburne
“The Japanese producer makes records that are absurd and exhilarating in equal measure?behind every drum hit lies a trap door”

Boomkat Product Review
If Oval and Squarepusher did a sprog, it may come out shaped like Bisk’s hyper jazz braindance for Kassem Mosse’s Ominira

International Orange Review by OLI WARWICK
“How do you bottle sunshine? There are certain records that are so joyful it’s as though they’re geo-synchronously positioned to permanently refract solar rays into waveforms. The best of these manage the celestial trick while being delightfully weird too. Laurel Halo’s debut LP Quarantine had that vibe, and so did Will DiMaggio’s buoyant At Ease. Right in time for the days getting a bit longer and wronger, here comes Bisk in a flurry of wonky keys and lopsided percussive patterns that sound like the roof-down, shades-on scenario for digital jazz freaks”

On BBC Radio 1, Joy Orbison played “Like Peaches” from “Vacation Package”
Music Played:
baby___asl – Bloom
SOPHIE – Bipp (Autechre Remix)
Bisk – Like Peaches
Redlee – New Heart
Warlock – Nuclear Winter (’05 mix)
Herron – Dead Frogs Down

[NEW] Seppuku n°3 (2021) [Radio Libertaire 89.4 fm] by 切腹 Seppuku / Radio Libertaire
Paul Kendall « Boundary Macro » (Downwards)
Lyra Pramuk « Fountain » (Bedroom Community)
Ben Frost « The Wasp Factory » (Bedroom Community)
Schneider TM « The 8 Of Space » (Editions Mego)
Meta Meat « Infrasupra » (Ant-Zen)
Alessandro Cortini « Scuro Chiaro » (Mute)
Joy Orbison « Still slipping vol. 1 » (XL Recordings)
Bisk « Vacation Package » (Ominira)
Foodman « Yasuragi Land » (Hyperdub)
Kalki « A thin thread »
Aho Ssan « Simulacrum » (Subtext)
Gesellschaft Zur Emanzipation Des Samples « Anthology of American Pop Music » (Faitiche)
Iv/An « Sub-object » (Tonn Recordings)
The Orb « Unknown Spheres » (Bootleg)
Atom TM « R3V » (Raster)