Vacation Package (2021)


New work “Vacation Package” is now available on Bandcamp hosted by Ominira label.

In 2021, I finally released my first new album in about five years, “Vacation Package”.
And it’s on the Ominira label, hosted by Gunnar Wendel (aka Kassem Mosse), who is a unique figure in the experimental house scene, so it’s a combination that is both unexpected and somehow relatable.

This work is characterized by a complex and unique rhythmic construction that goes beyond the traditional techno/house and hip-hop influences and approaches highly indigenous beats such as footwork/juke and tribal.
While my career has inevitably been marked by 90’s-style atmospherics, my use of harmonies and tones is layered with a strong influence of new generation jazz.
I was conscious of trying to put together a high level of physicality and precise arrangements to create a worldview that is unique to Bisk, one that extends beyond the outer shell of beat music.