About my new work

Talking about my new work

I’ll release a new album on the label Ominira (owned by Kassem Mosse).
If there are no problems, it will probably be around the end of January or February 2021. The format will be analog and digital distribution, no subscription ( spotyify,apple music,tidal … ).
The final package sent from the pressing plant the other day.

With the Corona disaster

The album had been ready by February 2020, but the corona outbreak had just begun, and for a few months we have been unable to focus on the release.
I continued to communicate with the label owner, but in any case, the pressing plant was shut down, and we thought we might not be able to release until the fall.
In addition to that, we had to adjust the sound quality of the test pressings, which delayed the final package.
We had to wait for the factory to start operating each time we made adjustments, so it took a long time.

What’s in the album?

The album consists mainly of songs that I played at a small but very radical live music venue called Forestlimit in Tokyo in late 2019 and early 2020. The previous album, Ever Changing States (2016), was released almost as is, based on the live material, as I didn’t have enough time to finalize it at the time, but this time I have edited and carefully selected the songs for the album.

Where will it be available?

You will be able to buy it on the label’s Bandcamp and Boomkat. However, we don’t ascertain exactly how many store the product will be distributed.
Fortunately, thanks to our distributer Honest John’s, they have a wide distribution network, I think it won’t be too difficult to get it.
The digital version is available to anyone in the world, after all.

Direction of the work, concerns and expectations

In this album, I reconstructed various beats such as tribal and footwork, while adding Bisk’s funkiness, harmony/melody and experimentation.

Nowadays, it is difficult to gain listeners without entering the recommendation chain of subscriptions and playlists. In addition, it is necessary to encompass the chords of existing genres and styles that are widely listened.
However, I continue to deliberately ignore such demands of the times in a sense. Moreover, there is no subscription-based distribution.

I have mixed feelings of anxiety and anticipation about how this will be received, and whether my work will be listened to properly in the first place.



前作『Ever Changing States』(2016年)は、当時は時間がなかったのでライヴ音源を元にほぼそのままリリースしましたが、今回は編集して厳選した曲を収録しています。

幸いなことに、私たちのディストリビューターであるHonest John’sのおかげで、彼らは広い流通網を持っているので、それを手に入れることはそれほど難しくはないと思います。