Re:Systemisch2 – Hidenobu Ito (Remix Album)(2021)


Remix album of Hidenobu Ito’s “Systemisch 2”, which was released in 2008 on the COMMUNE DISC label, as a tribute to Oval’s systemisch.

1.aen – Jazz Textuell(aen*dust remix) 04:42
2.Bisk – Filtered Office(bisk remix) 02:24
3.peeq – Die Ruinen(peeq’s biosemiotic remix) 03:22
4.dagshenma – CD Player(dagshenma yellow+skin) 03:56
5.knd – Click & Cuts(knd remix) 04:23
6.AcidGelge – Method,Government,SM(AcidGelge Remix) 13:38
7.Molecule Plane – Method,Government,SM(Molecule Plane Remix) 05:30
8.aen – Noise Nation(aen’s wormhole remix) 04:36


Hidenobu Ito’s “Systemisch 2” was released in 2008 on the COMMUNE DISC label, as a tribute to Oval’s “Systemisch”.
“Re:Systemisch2” is a stimulating collection of remixes by up-and-coming Japanese artists that I’ve always been interested in.
All of the remixes are based on deep thought, with diverse and sometimes unexpected interpretations and reconstructions.

My remix is a little different than usual, and it may sound very strange and violent.
The original wav file portrayed a quiet world, but I could hear a high contrast between stillness and motion, sometimes chaotic, sometimes urgent, sounding above it.
A man’s voice emerges amidst the noise of a shortwave radio, a barrage of powerful kicks cut through the noise, and another world suddenly appears in sight, running at high speed through familiar buildings and crowded streets.
Like a stroke of a pen, I cut up such scenes all at once.

Hidenobu Itoさんの『Systemisch2』は、Ovalの『Systemisch』へのオマージュとして、2008年にCOMMUNE DISCからリリースされました。
“Re:Systemisch2 “は、私が以前から興味を持っていた日本の新進気鋭のアーティストによる刺激的なリミックス集です。